Jordan… A Mars Story

Jordan moved through the cafeteria line, sliding his tray along the smooth synthetic surface, only slowing as the android on the other side of the serving bar scooped him a mass of brownish gray  that landed with a slick “plop” on his tray.  He frowned as he looked at it. “What is this sh!t?” he […]

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The Prodigal Son’s Brother

I’ve decided to do my next illustrations on the Prodigal Son, but I’ve always felt a little more like the Prodigal Son’s Brother.  Who doesn’t feel “no good deed goes unpunished?”  I think people misunderstand why the Brother was upset.  It wasn’t because someone was given grace and forgiveness when it was needed, it was […]

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Blurb from “Earth Goods” – Short Scifi story available on Kindle

“There is something wrong with the woman I purchased,” Stone said looking directly into the holoscreen that held the image of his closest acquaintance and for the most part, his only source of intelligent human conversation, Yuri Romanov. “I swear she was virgin!” Yuri proclaimed in his rich Russian accent. “No one touch her. Doctor […]

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