Social Commentary: MTV VMA awards

It started with a post from Todd Starnes of Fox News: I noticed a significant police presence in my Brooklyn neighborhood – barricades, road closures, chaos. ME: “Excuse me, officer. What’s going on — a terrorist threat?” POLICE OFFICER: “No sir. It’s the MTV Video Music Awards.” Among the folks trolling around my hood are […]

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Name Recognition

One of the most annoying familiar traits of certain genre music is the incessant need habit of speaking their name at the beginning of a song.  Listen to an intro of a modern hip-hop song and when you are just getting into the riff and beat, someone will inevitably drop the names of the artists […]

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When the Washington elitists discover that the Google crowd is backed by millions of angry voters, not just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they decide that votes are more important than money.  So Hollywood cries and SOPA dies… For now.  Cry me a river: Alarmed by the mogul boycott, Sarandos sent a personal plea to the […]

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