Grief: Type 4

The last person you expect to meet could be the person you become as a griever: The Bulldozer. One thing I believe that all grievers have in common is the desire for the pain of grief to end.  Sometimes that means they wish it backwards by dwelling in the past and other times they wish […]

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Type 3: The Critic

In the previous blog post, I talked about 2 of the 4 types of people that Grieving persons will encounter during their journey on the road to recovery.  You can find that article HERE. This week, we’ll talk about one of the last two types of people you will meet as a person who is […]

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Grief: Survivors Guilt

“If I die,” Sam told me from his hospital bed, “I want you to be okay.” “You’re not going to die.” I told him. Though he probably couldn’t hear me, even with his CI (Cochlear Implant) on. It was always hard for him to hear when he was distracted, and he was very distracted at […]

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