5 Minute Dungeon: A Review

I purchased this box set on Kickstarter when the campaign first started, hoping to get my husband a game that he would like but hadn’t heard of yet.  The game was an instant hit with the family.  We have teenagers who aren’t really so interested in a long game with parents, and this game moves […]

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Once Upon A Deadpool: Film Review

Once Upon A Deadpool, or Deadpool 2 the PG-13 version, was a milder, less violent version of Deadpool 2 with a twist.  The twist includes an homage to The Princess Bride and an appearance from a full grown Fred Savage.  In this version, without much of a spoiler, Deadpool reads Fred a bedtime story which […]

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Marvel and Disney’s A Oscar Game

If you remember, a few days ago I wrote an article about Black Panther Oscar Nomination, and how Marvel capitalized on the hashtag #oscarssowhite to set themselves up to be a player in the best picture category.  They are participating in a game that Hollywood plays all the time.  But since they are now partnered […]

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