Burn Out

I was going to write today about this article: But, as a half breed, it’s too depressing. It is still up on my computer for me to reference. My husband, working on some of my website problems started to read it and was baffled.  “Why would you be upset your boyfriend finds you sexy?” he […]

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Lights were a big theme in my marriage to Sam.  Yesterday I took the lights in our room down.  It made me emotional and moody the entire day.  I tried to explain why to a friend, but Sam said it better: Is this not a reason for tears if I shed them? Whether for joy, […]

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In Defense of The Disney Princesses

Many many MANY people mock the Disney Princesses as being unrealistic, promotion misogyny, giving girls the notion that beauty is more important than anything else to a man… but wait a minute. Replace Disney Princess with Hollywood and you have the same exact problem. In Cracked.com’s article on 6 insane Stereotypes in movies, #5 is: […]

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