Grief: Survivors Guilt

“If I die,” Sam told me from his hospital bed, “I want you to be okay.” “You’re not going to die.” I told him. Though he probably couldn’t hear me, even with his CI (Cochlear Implant) on. It was always hard for him to hear when he was distracted, and he was very distracted at […]

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Rough Stone Rolling

The prophet Joseph Smith said that he felt worn and shaped like a rough stone rolling, with all the rough edges knocked off of him.  I feel like that a lot – like a rock in a tumbler, with no control over who/what I hit in the process or where I will rebound.  How strange […]

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My Father’s First Born Son

You know what?  I hated that anti pink aisle don’t put your girls in a girl box “girls” commercial — but let me tell you why… When people ask me about my childhood, where I fit in on the family tree among siblings, I almost always say–much to the chagrin of my father and my […]

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