Captain Marvel: Film Review

The Review: Ugh. There is a key, universal, direction to writers of any media and it is this: SHOW don’t TELL. This movie is a crap-ton of telling. It starts out awesome.  The story kicks along nicely, and although the chemistry between Brie Larson and Jude Law seems acidic, or rather like two magnets of […]

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Once Upon A Deadpool: Film Review

Once Upon A Deadpool, or Deadpool 2 the PG-13 version, was a milder, less violent version of Deadpool 2 with a twist.  The twist includes an homage to The Princess Bride and an appearance from a full grown Fred Savage.  In this version, without much of a spoiler, Deadpool reads Fred a bedtime story which […]

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Alita Battle Angel: Film Review

Alita Battle Angel follows the heroes quest in ways you don’t normally expect– Roller Derby Style.  And since it is roller derby, it’s only fitting it be a woman who ends up on top. It’s an epic quest, and it is still anime, so it does follow many anime tropes, which I won’t mention here […]

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A Silent Voice – Review

A Silent Voice Trailer I have to admit my bias in wanting to view this movie.  It involves a deaf student and is dubbed by a deaf actress (Lexi Marman).  It was offered by Fathom events January 31st and will be released on Blueray in the US on April 2nd. The story follows a young […]

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They Shall Not Grow Old – Peter Jackson Documentary on WWI — NO SPOILERS

The original release date for this documentary was December 17th 2018.  Due to its popularity, another viewing was scheduled in January 2019 for the 21st.  With luck, this movie will be shown again. This documentary is told in archive footage of WWI and BBC interviews of veterans of the war.  Director Peter Jackson, and his […]

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