Lessons From The Garden

I am continually amazed that a culture who values inspirational quotes so highly could have created something so vile and intolerant as a twitter mob. That social bubble seems to force us all to retreat into bubbles having been forced out of one, or sucked into another.  These bubbles are like the Garden of Eden.  Inside […]

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Getting Back to the Basics

I consider myself a conservative libertarian, but there are many things I don’t agree with my fellow libertarians on. I question their wisdom so often that I can’t advocate them as a party (which probably explains the 3% they pull in the national elections). Libertarians, like Gary Johnson, are constantly advocating a minimal involvement by […]

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Evolution of a Sidekick

Yesterday I found out an article I had written more than ten years ago (when I was still wet behind the ears trying to be a writer) had been used as source material for the Wikipedia entry on Sidekicks.  I got a good giggle out of being right next to a well known LA Times […]

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