Illustrations for “The Moral of The Story” by Noelle Campbell

I’m working almost full time (with breaks in between to work my ebay store ::plugplug:: for some REAL money) on my Children’s Book about Aesop’s Fables and developing some new techniques for my faux stained glass art pieces: In this piece, I’ve used white for only part of the faux leading. I think it […]

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FIVE DAYS LEFT TO DONATE! If you have been considering donating even a dollar, please go to the site now and donate to my project. The hardest part of the project is collecting donations – after that, you’ll be kept up to date with how the project is progressing. It’s not something for nothing, you […]


I’m just not that into me

When Tolkien was trying to write Lord of the Rings, he didn’t have a blog.  He didn’t even have an agent.  He just had a very determined publisher.  It took decades to finish and even longer for it to be printed.  During this time, Tolkien did not go on publicity tours.  He simply continued his […]

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The Seven

Maeleaclain Unrata was having a very good, but far too short-lived dream when he felt the blankets being pulled away sharply from his body. “Get up, Lord Unrata!” he heard a familiar female voice say. “Your father is expecting a correspondence and His Highness Prince Feidhelm requests your presence for the inspection of the barracks-” […]

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Evolution of a Book Cover

When people first started binding books, just the name on the side of the book was something only a skilled craftsman could do, embossing or stamping the leather that was used as the cover.  But even the earliest books have decorative covers: Illuminated texts like The Book of The Kells, might have given people the […]

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Illuminated Gift Cards

I have some of these listed up at my etsy store, but they are available for anyone who supports my kickstarter project at more than 5.00 for a pledge: This faux stained glass style is similar to the project and valued at more than ten dollars.  If you received one for a 5.00 pledge, that […]

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