Why Sculptors are not Writers

After my long, tongue-in-cheek post on the Commandments of Writing, an event comes along that perfectly illustrates the importance of correctly using punctuation, or at the very least, using correct quotes (in context).  The case in point was the monument to Martin Luther King Jr. at the National Mall.  The plans had a quote from […]

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By The Dodgerly Light…

Yet another professional singer has flubbed the national anthem in front of the entire nation at opening ceremonies for an American sports event. Does this happen in Canada or the UK? Do they accidentally sing “God save our graceless Queen?” Is it a problem with the American language? An opera singer would never sing the […]

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The Machine and the Adversary

The Machine (How politics is a tool of the Adversary)   In the movie, The Matrix, the hero was plugged into a machine that let him live out his own personal fantasy while it fed off his energy. The machine had many workers, smaller machines that worked for the same goal. Drugs kept the living […]

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