Writers Resources

Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writers Workshop – First month is FREE. Try it out and see if it works for you. Great for feedback from several different POV’s.

Funds for Writers – A good resource for contests, new markets, information and other goodies for writers

On The Premises Magazine – Ezine with monthly contests, advice and other goodies. I recommend it highly. Very competitive and good feedback if your manuscript is good enough.

Freelance Writing


Lynette Labelle – very responsive editor, which is always a plus.

Writers Tools:

Yahoo Bookmarks – This tool lets you bookmark pages as long as you are logged into your yahoo account. You can access them from any computer, file them in folders and subfolders. Great idea for bookmarking pages in your current projects.

Word of the Day at – Also a great idea to have a good dictionary resource.


Brittish Slang

American Slang

Spanish Slang – strangely, there’s not a really good Spanish Slang dictionary but this one is passable.

Latin Word List

Self Publishing:

Convert files to Ebook formats

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