My Trip To Zarcon

This is my first story ever written and completed. 

I was in 6th grade, I think that makes it Mr. Barnes.  I swear I thought it was Mrs. Manning in Elementary class that inspired me to begin writing, she had a special ‘creative writing’ segment in her class.  I desperately wanted to fill ALL the pages that we were given for this project.

Authors Page

I laugh when I realize my first story was actually science fiction.

You will laugh when you realize it was based on Josie and The Pussycats: In Outerspace.

How funny is it that I starred in my own science fiction story?

My story featured my super smart friends, Randy, David, and even my friend Laurie ( – sorry Kara!

How cool is it that I still ended up in Houston and I thought 2006 was SO far away….

Poor Ezeal had to play second fiddle to a ficitonal alien character…

What a thoughtful daughter I was.  Thinking of my dad and his Dr. Pepper adiction…

Wow that spaceship looks somewhat familiar…

I guess I was into Terraforming stories even then.

2006 seemed so far away, and my new friend looks like Interplanet Janet…

I was a pioneer on my own terraformed planet.  How cool is that?

But all good things must come to an end.

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