A Case of the Mondays

It’s Monday, and I’ve forgotten I’m supposed to write every day and instead jumped in feet first on a purse sewing project, purchasing material and other notions to make said purse.  It is noon.  I have eaten breakfast. I have eaten lunch. Dinner is in the oven.  But I suppose my priorities have been a […]

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A Bard’s Privilege

A man can lie, cheat and steal, He can do everything wrong. He can wound every friend he has, As long as he does it with a song. A woman can sin and fall, For all the worst things can long, She can be as lustful as a man, As long as she does it […]

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Lyrics looking for a melody

Something old: Bachelor number one will use youHe is just a bad boyGet his fill of fun from youAnd abuse you like a toyStill don’t you like to play?Just sex with nothing in the way. Number two says ‘last time-‘all her fault’ again and againHis choices never matteredIt’s all PavlovianNeed a girlfriend? Ya think?My opinion; […]

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The Year of the Dwarf

We’re well into 2014 and though some of you may still feel like you’re still experiencing the longest 2013 winter on record, I have some insights that may warm your hearts long enough to take the edge off the biting chill.  The Chinese may have given 2013 the name of the dragon (or snake, depending […]

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Born to be Wild!

The Hobbit: *sigh* they are probably going to ban bath salts because of retards snorting them or whatnot. Me: they’ll just make it a behind the counter purchase like your asthma pills The Hobbit: Man on bath salts impersonates chicken, lands in jail : Knoxville News Sentinel: that’s some good shit, man! Makes you impersonate […]

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