The Tree – pg 1

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived on an island with a tree that bore delicious fruit. paper, acrylic bead (1/2 pearlesque) and glue.  Paper punched leaf shape Marvy uchida mini leaf punch

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Theseus – Page 2

When Aethra found out she was pregnant, she went to the sea to ask Poseidon to bless the baby in her tummy. When she felt the baby jump with joy inside of her, she knew she had been granted her wish.

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Joshua 24:15

I love Joshua.  He is my favorite prophet in my favorite part of the Bible, the Old Testament.  I named one of my sons after him.  I love studying the Old Testament because of the simplicity of the doctrine and the clarity of the principles. This wall art is available at my etsy store.

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