What Happened to Common Sense?

When Thomas Paine wrote his book “Common Sense,” no one disputed what common sense actually meant.  While some may have objected to Paine’s application of some common sense to political actions, no one argued that his actions were common sense.  The argument at the time was, much like it is now, that common sense must […]

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The Price of Freedom

What is freedom and what is the price for it?  That may be the quintessential question of the century for the entire world.  It is something that, as Americans, we have mostly forgotten, or don’t take seriously enough. Shin Dong-hyuk was a prisoner in a North Korean concentration camp.  He didn’t understand the concept of […]

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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Sometimes art imitates life in ways that stay with us longer than reality.  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is an iconic film that even those who have not seen it have heard about.  It’s a classic.  A legend.  Yet the phrase means something completely different to a member of the LDS Church who knows a […]

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Handguns and Hurricanes:

or: Natural Disasters…The Case Against Gun Control Crossposted to TheFederalistPapers.org: “The American people can no more meet the demands of today’s world by acting alone than American soldiers could have met the forces of fascism or communism with muskets and militias.” So said President Obama in a recent State of the Union Address.  But in […]

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Getting Back to the Basics

I consider myself a conservative libertarian, but there are many things I don’t agree with my fellow libertarians on. I question their wisdom so often that I can’t advocate them as a party (which probably explains the 3% they pull in the national elections). Libertarians, like Gary Johnson, are constantly advocating a minimal involvement by […]

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