Burn Out

I was going to write today about this article: But, as a half breed, it’s too depressing. It is still up on my computer for me to reference. My husband, working on some of my website problems started to read it and was baffled.  “Why would you be upset your boyfriend finds you sexy?” he […]

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Experience makes you sweeter

The sweetest juice doesn’t come from the youngest or the freshest fruit, it doesn’t come from fruit that refuses to fall off the tree; it comes from the fruit that has fallen to the ground, been tumbled about and looks like it’s about to explode with age. Remember that. — swampfaye (@swampfaye) May 16, 2018 […]

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Most things that are practical are not considered “compassionate,” but we seem to be tripping ourselves up on being compassionate in favor of being practical, and here we are, completely void of common sense in all institutions. I’m all for showing compassion, God knows I’ve had that personal need, but compassion should always be individually […]

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Stan The Man

Here’s a short baseball story for your spring break blues:  Written this morning: Scott Holister woke up with a headache.  He used to be what people called a “morning person.”  That was probably because his schedule since he was ten years old was to wake up in the morning and stretch, then a nice long […]

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