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Here is the truth.  This is my updated bio: I WAS a writer, for a very long time.  See everything in the quotes below which I wrote while I was living my dream.  It was a strange sort of fantastic dream, where I was rich and wise, just like Tavia in Fiddler on the Roof would have been, because I lived among the poor and was doing well (comparatively).  I had a dream marriage, even though it was to a half-blind, half deaf, half-crazy wanna be hacker. He was my editor and my muse.

Then he passed away.

It’s been a struggle to figure out who I am without him because I didn’t want to be anything without him.  Losing a spouse is something I wouldn’t have wished on my worst enemy, or even my ex husband.  I couldn’t hate someone that much, ever.

It took a while to put my life back together, especially with the horrible things that people who were supposed to help me when Sam, my late husband, passed away.  People in our inner circle, some as close as blood.

That hurt too, and I prayed for comfort and God sent my new husband to me.

Things aren’t easy in a new marriage haunted by the ghost from a fantastic “ideal” marriage, and there’s no way not to compare the present to the past.  That has been the hardest part of remarrying.  We struggled through, and my new husband entered with eyes wide open to problems of marrying a widow.  That was a blessing.

Though I was used to being married to someone disabled, I was not prepared to confront issues of Aspergers, because it does not present like a disability, and it goes undiagnosed a long time.  Once I figured out what I was facing (like my hubby had figured out he was dealing with the widowhood problems), things went much better.  Aspergers is not anything like deafness, but learning the language and how to communicate is a must. (I recommend this book — very realistic approaches.)  We all know how hard it is to communicate between men and women, and I’ve learned the complications of communication between deaf and hearing, those experiences help me in learning how to communicate with someone with Asperger Syndrome.  It’s been a blessing to come from the POV I came from.

Anyway, here I am, writing again, because I’m a little bit more myself.  I am not really writing fiction so much, though I still have complete plots come to me in dreams and thoughts.  I am going back to my roots, writing non fiction.  I was tapped to write a book on grief, but I think it was still too fresh to write about in any serious way.  I keep my skills growing again, though my muse is missing, or muted, by doing film and game reviews, political and popular opinion pieces.

I hope you can keep going with me and see where this will all lead.  I appreciate your support. To stay active, I started my own business trying to stay in the same field I loved to write in, making girly things for comic and scifi fans (who love paper ink and scissors) like me: Calinor Ink .  I am still trying this small business thing out, but check out that site for information on events I will be appearing at with merchandise and some cool interviews and articles.

I’m still trying to figure out who I am without my wandering wizard.  I hope you’ll stick with me.


Paper, ink and pencils have always been an obsession in my life.  My mom wouldn’t let me eat sugary sweets, but she couldn’t stop me from drawing pictures of them.  My dad taught me how to play baseball like a boy, but that didn’t stop me from writing about princesses being rescued by valiant knights.

I wrote for Space.com’s entertainment section in the 90’s and with my experience there, developed a deep interest in Mars and the idea of terraforming the red planet. This interest is reflected in a series of short stories about Mars available on Kindle ebook.

I like to think that I learn enough from past experiences not to make the same mistake twice.  I fell in love with the first man that told me I was beautiful.  My first marriage ended in divorce, and so I left the choice of my second husband up to God.  He sent Sam.  I call him my Hobbit.  He is a deaf-blind craftsman and the best man I’ve ever known. I share tidbits of my life with him at my blog: With Closed Captions.  Because of Sam, I am bilingual.  I incorporate much of my knowledge of ASL, Deaf Culture and the many experiences I have into my writing.

My art is on several websites and I have a store on etsy.  I think the world is full of magic, and I hope my art and writing reflects a positive, uplifting ‘modern mythology’ for all true seekers.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award because I love reading your posts. You can see the details about the award on my blog. Keep on writing!

  2. Hi! When my older son (now 8) was a baby, I learned many ASL signs, but taught them as signed English because I didn’t/don’t know anyone who is deaf to teach me the actual language. We taught and used signs with him and helped him communicate at a much earlier age. We are using it again with our new little one (13 months now) but he is talking younger than his older brother did. I know a few hundred signs at this point. Do you think it will be hard for me to learn ASL after doing SE for so long? I want to take a class (or learn from the deaf community if I can) at some point, but I wonder have I made it harder on myself by doing it the way I have? Thanks :)

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