The Ridiculous World We Live In

I have been focused on my little business after the recent appearance at Comicpalooza at Houston, trying to put together more dolls, since some of my popular dolls sold and the outfits sold out. Trying to get some support, ideas and short-cuts, I went to look for a forum.  And this is what came up in my google search:


The doll forum I went to had pictures of sex dolls in the thumbnails.  I didn’t even bother looking further, and looking at the page, you can see that Google sends you directly to sex doll forums in it’s top five hits.

I don’t know if the majority of people searching “doll forums” are looking for sex dolls, but it’s clear that Google thinks so.  Even though the majority of my searches are for Disney Animator Dolls, this is still the page that Google came up with for me.

Can you imagine a child looking for a doll online?

Keep your kids off the internet, folks.  It’s a place for adults, if even Google thinks that “dolls” should send you to sex toys, it assumes you aren’t a kid.