I don’t know what to tell you: Grief Week 7

The Last Unicorn was not happy that the gift of morality made her the only unicorn to regret. Strangely, she didn’t regret the experience, or so she indicated. It made her special among creatures who were already special. She was glad to be that creature so the others did not have to be.  When she sees them, she remembers that she is no longer like them in a way that was profound, but completely invisible to all other creatures. Unless she tells them all about her experience as a mortal, they have no idea she is a different creature. They may think there is something off about her–a strangeness in her eyes–but until they hear her story, they can’t say why, or what that strangeness is.

The Last Unicorn Art Print
by Tami Wicinas 

Speaking from my own knowledge, the most profound and long-lasting feeling after losing a loved one is regret.  It is the sort of regret that changes who you are and makes you want to save everyone from having the same experiences, like the unicorn who faced the wrath of the red bull.

This experience also makes you different, but only on the inside.  From the outside, the LAST unicorn still looks like every other unicorn she rescued and if she says nothing, she can disappear into the crowd.  The memory of the red bull is still there, and she is ever watchful for another threat–another greedy king.  She speaks her warnings to all around her.  She tells them to be kind to one another-to hold tight to those you love and savor every precious moment-because she knows it might be your last.  But they brush it off, as they may have before…

Until they become like her.

That is what being a widow is like.


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