Marvel Ads for Captain Marvel have universally sucked.

I don’t understand why Marvel made so many bad decisions in regards to Captain Marvel.  Their trailers were horrible.  They went out of their way to pick fights with fans, so much so that I didn’t go and see the movie even to write a review on it.  I didn’t want to be a part of the buzz that way.  My teens refused to watch it with me at all on Spring Break. (Which as a side note should concern Marvel, they also have committed to boycott Endgame).

Now I see this ad on my news page:


I naturally wondered what it was.  What is Sunday Riley? I wondered.  The link took me to this page:


Make up? Are you kidding me?

Sephora.  A makeup store I have literally shopped at once in my entire lifetime, mostly out of curiosity and a search for matte nail polish.

But take a look at the name of the product.


“Good Genes” — Is this really very feminist?  Is it even really very Superhero?  Though it does remind me about another Marvel “feminist” campaign:


This cover caused a lot of controversy and didn’t sell any more comics (in fact the comics have taken a dive).  It really is rather stupid, if you think about what covers are supposed to convey–like covers of books.  This one looks like a bad picture from someone on vacation.  Does this make you think there is action inside?  Or just some recipes for mixers?

I have to wonder if Marvel has learned anything at all about how to package a “feminist agenda” or an ad, or a comic, or a movie!  Did someone suck all their brains out after Infinity War?  The Captain Marvel ad’s, including the trailers, were HORRIBLE.  No one liked them, except feminists, and that was only out of agenda driven necessity.

I don’t understand why Marvel decided to do what they did with the comics that has cost them customers.  The only reasoning I can think of is literally for an agenda.  If that is the case, I really don’t think that selling “Good Genes” as a promotional product is very feminist.

I am not really in line with 3rd wave feminism (I am more a Camille Paglia era 2nd wave feminist) but I can’t imagine the same sorts of feminists who don’t shave their underarms and dye the same hair there pink, came up with this idea.  How does this connect women to the Marvel Universe? Am I missing something?  Does Captain Marvel exist because of Good Genes?


In their (Marvel’s) defense, I did notice and I did click and I did write an entire blog about it.  But I definitely am not going to spend more than 100.00 on a beauty product that won’t make me look like Captain Marvel.  I know it won’t help me shoot power beams from my hands.  I don’t even get glowing eyes.  So I’ll pass. Thanks.

At least I have nice boobs without any aid at all.

I guess that’s “Good Genes.”

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