Gaming Tools — A D&D Win! (or Magic, if you’re into that)

A few weeks ago I went to OWLcon – 20190223_114141a small gaming convention at Rice University (Rice mascot=Owl=OwlCON) in Houston.

20190223_135309My husband LOVES board games and this small game convention focuses more heavily on board games than your large scale convention like PAX. We went into the convention not knowing what to expect, but hoping to see or catch something we wouldn’t see at a larger convention and one gaming tool that caught my eye was a handmade wooden spell/hit points marker.  It has little divots to put your marker and a little magnet tool to pick up your steel bearings used as markers.20190304_091349

The vendor also had die holder/cases that were beautifully made and a tool designed to  roll your die as well.


Because each of these are handmade, they are a bit pricey, but because they are made of solid wood, they will no doubt last you a generation.  The creator: Gnome Works has a website with videos to explain the system.  I thought they were ingenious, beautiful little tools that would have made my D&D gaming so much easier!  Pick up one for yourself today!  They are as awesome in person as they are in these pictures.