Into the Spiderverse: Film Review

One of the first things that hit you about this animated film, is the style.  The sharp lines filled in by classic coloring styles with a feint double vision in the background was meant to be a throwback to comic books. You will see a lot of shading techniques only found in old print comics, dots included.  Combining many of these old school patterns with modern technology must have been a significant challenge, one worthy of an Oscar, but the style would have meant almost nothing without the story.

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Though Spiderverse follows a few intertwining story-lines, one about redemption, one about the importance of family, and one about the reluctant hero, each are well-written and told in ways that are compelling and believable, even in a cartoon.  Add an eye challenging color pallet, a thrilling soundtrack and compelling effects to a well crafted story, and it’s not a wonder that this movie beat out Wreck-It Ralph and Incredibles 2.  It’s only significant challenger was the Isle of Dogs, which had equally interesting animation techniques and a comparably superior story.  The only thing lacking in the Dogs film was the soundtrack to move and motivate an audience.

I was not ever a big fan of Spiderman, though I did enjoy most of the film adaptions, and as a youth, faithfully watched the TV series from the first one (featured in the film) to the Spider friends.  As a faithful Marvel comic reader from the 80’s onward, I still don’t read Spiderman. I can’t say that this film will make you rush out to buy the new Spiderman, though you might be interested enough in the other spiderverse characters to pick up a Spiderman Noir and maybe even Spider Gwen, since only the alternate older original Spiderman and the new younger Hispanic Hip-Hop Spidey are fleshed out in the animated film (can’t figure out why his last name is Morales if his MOTHER is Hispanic–she’s the one speaking Spanish at him–unless he’s using traditional Spanish surname styles–since I’m not a fan of the comics, someone will have to explain that to me).

It’s a really good family film and ultimately a great comic superhero film worthy of the Marvel name and brand.  It does make you wonder why they don’t use the same writers for the animated films that they do for the live action films, since I have yet to meet a person who thinks any comic film, DC or Marvel or even Indy, are bad.

I recommend you go see Spiderverse if you like action films or are a fan of the genre.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, but what do I know? I liked Venom.