Muse World Tour 2019

Houston is home to a thriving music industry. It’s launched its share of music careers from Clint Black to Beyonce to Blue October and many more. It is home to music venues that are the envy of the world and February 22nd it was host to Muse, who kicked off their world tour.

Muse is a band that doesn’t mind stirring up controversy with their music, making people wonder if they are introducing their audience to new political concepts, or old ones. Their new release: Simulation Theory mix 80’s nostalgia with future technology. Their concert reflected both themes with their usual warnings about propaganda and government interference with a touch of romance. With a well coordinated live video on a huge screen behind them, Muses’ tour mixed live dancers with technology, lights, and even puppets to present its audience with one of the best shows I’ve personally seen in Toyota Center, Houston.


Walk the Moon opened for Muse with a lively act that embodied their youthful vigor, but the crowd was eager for the main event. They coordinated phone flashlights mimicking the Muse videos in anticipation. It’s those small moments that make me smile and think well of people in general.

Pre Show Entertainment

My husband and my daughter accompanied me to the concert, and my daughter remarked, having seen Fall Out Boy last year with a floating stage inside of a cage, as well as other nifty sets, that if Muse didn’t have people hanging from the ceiling, she was going to be severely disappointed.

She did not leave unfulfilled.

Twice in the evening, dancers suspended from wires performed in the air, while the background screen synced with their movements. The lights and visuals were a well oiled machine that impressed the entire crowd. The apex of the performance came when a three story puppet, with an arm span the size of the stage, of the skeletal robot that makes an appearance in the Muse videos, ascended from the floor to threaten the band and enthrall the audience.

The single song in acoustic was not underperformed, but verified the skill of the band-members and confirmed their ability to compose and entertain with or without technology.


Outside, as one might expect in Houston, it was densely foggy as the humidity fought off the evening cold front that has swept across the state. It was balmy, but even the concrete was weeping.

Houston, with it’s gulf-side, bayou cityscape is perfect for an evening without sweaters, but makes hair spray almost useless. In my Astros cap and Altuve Jersey, I was welcomed to one of my favorite cities on the planet. The food is great, the entertainment is first class, the technology second to none and the weather is nothing if not interesting. It was the perfect place, and the perfect night for Muse to kick off their World Tour, and it was a five star performance.

Catch them when and if you can: Tour Information Here.

Goodnight, Houston! I love you!