How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Film Review


I liked both films previous to this, and from the trailer, I thought I’d like this one, but…


howtotrainThe movie was long, filled with continuity holes, and contained a plot-line that put most kids to sleep by the end of the first hour and adults to sleep by the end of the second.  Maybe the movie only felt long because the plot was so boring.  They couldn’t stay on plot it was so boring even the writers went off on rabbit trails.


I think I know what it was.  They–our Dreamworks crew–had so many artistic ideas, so many scenes, so many new animals they worked on, that they just threw them all in without telling the audience why they were there, what they were, and why we should even care.

They had an awesome bad guy who was underused and filled in badly.  His backup crew were pirates, but where they came from and why there are Asian pirates in Nordic waters, we will never know, because it’s never explained.

But pure art and a great show of it can be really entertaining for kids–except this clearly wasn’t for kids and I think it would bore teenagers.  It didn’t even have a satisfying romance–or mating.


Someone got lazy in their writing, forgot who they were writing for, or just had all the art and didn’t care how it got put together.  They forgot who their characters were, underutilized them, slapped them together as poorly as the script.  It’s a mess of story around really beautiful art.

Wait for the DVD and definitely don’t bring little kids.  They will be bored toothless.

There was more laughs in the Lego follow up movie.