Burn Out

I was going to write today about this article:


But, as a half breed, it’s too depressing.

It is still up on my computer for me to reference. My husband, working on some of my website problems started to read it and was baffled.  “Why would you be upset your boyfriend finds you sexy?” he asked me.  Of course, I thought the entire thing was stupid.  Why would you purposely go out of your way to sabotage an engagement over race, if race hadn’t stopped you from dating?

I take it personally because fifty years ago my parents overcame that stereotype of interracial marriage and all my brothers and sisters have spent lifetimes proving that it’s not that big of a deal.  But here comes intersectional feminism to ruin all that progress.


This is what the feminists wanted in the 60’s.  This is what the leftists wanted in the 60’s.  Why are they undoing everything that they built?  I don’t understand it.  This is why feminists like Camille Paglia, and myself, have shunned the modern movement.  This is horseshoe theory and Godwin’s Law tied up in one.

There is a quote in Alice in Wonderland, or maybe it’s Through the Looking Glass, definitely Lewis Carol, I wish everyone would follow:

Begin at the beginning, the King said, very gravely, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’

If I could write a letter to feminists who insist that the world is out to destroy them and everyone who likes you just has a fetish for your race, gender, religion, (enter stereotype here), it would be: You won. Enjoy the fruits of your victory and stop trying to destroy them.

Here’s a slide show of what 3rd wave feminism does to the modern woman: