Lego Movie 2nd Part – EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

The Lego Movie has a special place in this home. My husband can’t get through the first movie without snorting soda out of his nose when Wildstyle is talking and Emmett hears “Blah blah blah blah blah.” And I tell you this to let you know I am a bit biased here.

I liked the sequel. I can’t decide if it was better than the first movie, yet, but it managed to do a few things really well:

  1. Used jokes from the old movie in a new setting and made it just as funny as it was the first time. This is rarely attempted and when it is attempted is often trite or corny. You do have to have watched the previous movie to get the irony, but even if you haven’t seen it, you will laugh (like we did the first time).Legomovie2
  2. A true family movie. One of the endearing traits of this movie is it’s appeal to the entire family. With jokes that can entertain toddlers to octogenarians, the movie manages to keep the pace steady with laughs for all ages. It also manages themes for all ages, from the pain for parents of children arguing, stepping on legos, to the rivalry of siblings, to the stress of dating, planning commitments and managing relationships, it’s all there.
  3. Color. The animation in the movie continues to excel and evolve into places you hadn’t expected to see. Extra props for the use of glitter. (I lol’ed)
  4. Tie in phrases or scenes from the previous movie in ways that will make you laugh in nostalgic amusement.
  5. Stupid catchy pop music. …. You have to see it to understand


I’m tempted to give the movie five stars, like I would have given the first movie, but, because it is a sequel, I’ll have to give it only 4. It’s not the Empire Strikes Back of the Lego Trilogy, though it does tease you over the concept for a few moments. It is a great family movie that you won’t mind seeing again with a date, be it daddy daughter or mom and dad. But don’t take a new date to see this movie unless you want to test him/her for their sense of humor and tolerance of brand name dropping.