Hollywood bread and circuses or Twitter is Evil part 3

Remember when I talked about hashtags and Oscars?

Why would Hollywood be so affected by a hashtag you might be asking yourself? Why would critics fold because of a retweet? How does a twitter mob form and why would Hollywood be afraid of it?

Let’s start with the last question. Why is Hollywood afraid of a twitter mob? Because they ARE the Twitter Mob. No one scares Hollywood elites more than they scare themselves inside of their little bubble. Every one of them know they are a hashtag, an old tweet, a phrase taken out of context away from their career being destroyed.

Why would they fold because of a retweet? The Studio Super-elite are always inside a bubble and the more success they get, the deeper in they dive. Surrounded by Yes Men, they don’t even know there’s a world outside that has an opinion different than theirs.

This isn’t a new thing. Successful actors and directors get further and further from the people they write and produce for. This is why no one said “That Jar Jar Binks character has got to go, George. He’s stupid.”

The Academy is the very center of that sphere. It has lost touch and forgotten that there are beautiful people who care about real things and do wonderful acts outside of the bubble.

Why do they believe everyone outside their circular clique is racist?

Because so many people in their gang are.

Why do they think all men are misogynist pigs that sexually assault women?


Everyone OUTSIDE of Hollywood knows what the Entertainment Industry is. We tolerate it because we like movies. We like pretty things we see on the big screen. We enjoy the funny stories. We even like making fun of bad films. Sometimes we enjoy hearing about the shocking and horrible people in Hollywood, and that’s exactly what the twiteratti is.

The last question, the first asked, is: Why would Hollywood be so affected by a hashtag?

Why would people in an industry who thrive on social interaction, who crave praise as much as any drug, who can portray a patriot on film well enough to win an award while they openly hate and mock REAL patriots off film? I think you know why. If you aren’t sure, just follow a Twitter thread to the eventual Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies.

It’s funny, in a classic Greek comedy way, that the same people who built the culture outside the bubble can not see out of the culture they built inside it. They could, probably see it on Twitter, the same way we see INTO their world with the same social network, if they weren’t so busy banning people that disagree with them. They delete so many of their tweets they can’t even see their own mistakes, so it makes sense they project it on everyone else.

They take Twitter so seriously because it reflects their world and careers. They don’t understand meme’s because their life and their livelihood is social media.

Most people know that Twitter is a train wreck of fake news, outrage and internet bullying. Most people with any sense of self control can manage their time and stay away from it.

And if you think the people in Hollywood have any sense of delayed gratification, you simply haven’t been awake at any point in your life.

This hashtag culture is an old issue with a new tool. It’s ugly and easy to manipulate, but it’s not real. And that’s why Twitter is the perfect tool for Hollywood. A tool for tools who live in a bubble full of their own hot air fueled by fads, hysterias and crazes so insular they can’t understand that there is life in outer space. Or in this case–everywhere but Hollywood.

Those people they ban on Twitter are still there. They can see what #hashtags make the entertainment industry do. They know the adage: Live by the hashtag, die by the hashtag. Some of them enjoy the gladiator like way you gut your enemy — but then end up falling on the same swords they used.

We, outside the Hollywood bubble, all knew, or at least suspected, this was going on inside Hollywood. We heard the stories, saw Britney shave her head, yet now it’s spread to the public at large. We aren’t being paid the millions of dollars that makes a paparazzi style humiliation worth the risk.  Most of us think it’s time to end the bread and circuses. You never know who will be caught up in a tweet induced online lynch mob.

It’s distressing to watch the lions eat the Christians in MAGA hats and know it’s all over lies, fake news and twitter hashtags. It’s the decline of the empire we all loved. Maybe it would have happened anyway, eventually, and maybe we should be thankful for Twitter as the quick ripping off the band aid instead of the slow peel. It corrupts everything it touches, even the already corrupt—and that’s a feat!

If you’re not sure we should blame Twitter, lets just take a simple parable and apply it: If ‘by their fruits ye shall know them,’ Twitter is evil.

But that’s just another one of my harmful opinions.