A Case of the Mondays

It’s Monday, and I’ve forgotten I’m supposed to write every day and instead jumped in feet first on a purse sewing project, purchasing material and other notions to make said purse.  It is noon.  I have eaten breakfast. I have eaten lunch. Dinner is in the oven.  But I suppose my priorities have been a bit misaligned in missing my newfound dedication to write daily.

Yesterday I did some ASL interpreting.  It is always gratifying that everyone compliments me and/or my deaf companion and express interest in learning ASL, but there is never any follow through.  I would be happy to have help, someone to sit and learn and try while I ran to the bathroom, etc.  I would teach, tutor or suggest classes and online vlogs, but I guess no one is really very serious about learning ASL.  They just want to express how “neat” they think it is.

I suppose that is what it is.

Getting back up on a horse (trying to write again) is like that first jog up the first hill.  It’s hard, long, slow and feels like hell.  I hope it feels better soon, but the only way for it to feel better is to do it regularly.

So here I am.

Just another Manic Monday.