First Man, a review

Absolutely joyless. This is the most depressing movie I have ever seen. Either Armstrong has asperger’s , or he is a massively depressed person. i can’t believe anyone would let someone so obviously depressed fly anything that explosive. What should be the most optimistic moments in his life are treated with a sullen odd emptiness that Gosling acts well but seems so unbelievable. The only person excited about going to the moon is buzz Aldrin who is portrayed as a massive asshole. I just can’t believe NASA is full of these sorts of people. At least take the race against Russia seriously, but that is hardly even addressed. It’s all about dead people. This is a poor rewriting of history and the first movie I ever left because it was too depressing to endure.

One thought on “First Man, a review

  1. I was debating whether or not to see FIRST MAN, but after reading your review, I’ve decided against it. I just finished listening to an amazing biography of Armstrong by Jay Barbee, who knew him personally, and the Armstrong in Barbee’s book was nothing like the one portrayed in the film. I can’t help but feel that Hollywood intentionally put a negative spin on what was the greatest American feat of its day. Armstrong and Aldrin and the other astronauts were and are heroes, in my eyes.

    I did wonder why Hollywood cast a Canadian to play Armstrong (and a Brit to play his wife). Aren’t there any talented American actors available to portray an American hero? And what about the omission of planting the American flag?

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