Biography – Comic Script – First Draft

Anyone want to read through this and give me some feedback?

Noelle: Who am I? Panel: Picture of Noelle – Middle aged, slightly overweight, happy, pretty, but not especially any of the aforementioned.
Blurb: I think mostly, people are what they have done more than they are what they think they are.  Their experiences make them who they are more than anything they leave behind, even if what they leave behind is as awesome as cool scifi stories or beautiful art.



Panel: famous scifi icons and classic art pieces
Blurb: People think that because I am a scifi writer and a comic book fan, that I was a geek/nerd in school.


Blurb:  I wasn’t.  I was a tomboy who liked dresses and unicorns.

Panel: picture of a young woman/teen Noelle in her room.  She has long straight hair covered by a baseball cap, glove on the floor, next to her as she reads the X=men with unicorn figurines in the shelves in the background
Blurb: I didn’t really hang out with the athletes or other tomboys much.


Blurb: Fact is, I hung out with whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  My crowd changed all the time: The cool kids

Panel: Noelle at the table in the high school cafeteria with preppy looking kids
Blurb: The geeks Panel: Noelle at the table with geeky looking teens (braces, glasses, video/audio peeps)
Blurb: The jocks Panel: Noelle at the table with the basketball uniformed guys
Blurb: The nerds Panel: Noelle at the table with nerds – girls with bad hair/glasses, guys who are tall thin and awkward looking.
Blurb: The normies Panel: Noelle with a group of average teens
Blurb: Anyone I wanted to, really.  I wasn’t popular or especially pretty, but I wasn’t bullied or harassed. Panel: A game screen like space invaders with cafeteria tables and Noelle deciding where to sit
Blurb: And that was probably because I lived in a small town and my dad was “the coach.” Panel: Noelle’s dad wearing a coach outfit with hat and whistle.
Blurb: He coached baseball, basketball and any other sport that was organized in a league in our little city. Panel: Noelle surrounded by a bunch BUNCH of teenage boys looking strong and surly
Blurb: I was the oldest in my family, but sometimes I would joke that I was my father’s firstborn son because he was MY coach too. Panel: Noelle being hit ground balls at by her father
Blurb: If the guys my dad coached they thought anyone would give me trouble, they threatened, bullied, pushed around, any person who could possibly do me any harm… or want to date me.


Heywood: Ten different guys threatened to kick my ass if I even got near you again. I need my jersey back.


Noelle: (broken heart)


Panel: Noelle with a cloud popped/broken heart as an dark skinned boy asks for his jersey back.

Leave room for dialogue

Noelle: Thought bubble: …. Coward Panel: Heywood walking away, wearing his jersey so you can see his name
Blurb: I never got a date until I was asked by a guy who did not know my dad, the guys in my little city, or anything about the little city at all. Panel: Date at Disneyland with me holding a Dumbo stuffed.
Blurb: But when I graduated, I left the little city and went to school in the big city.


Blurb: Well… bigger

Panel: Noelle at UCR
Blurb: And I met a guy. Panel: Noelle and Gene meet.
Blurb: He told me that I was beautiful.

Ken: You are so Beautiful.

Panel: Dark night in a car. Gene holding Noelle’s head in his lap.  (Leave room for dialogue)
Blurb: No one had ever told me that before. Not my dad. Panel: Dad/coach
Blurb: Not the guys who kept other guys from me. Panel: Group of the surly guys
Blurb: Not Heywood Panel: Heywood in his jersey
Blurb: Not the guy who took me to Disneyland Panel: Disney date guy


Blurb: No one Panel: Empty
Blurb: I wish they had.  I wouldn’t have married that manipulating asshole who would later tell me I wasn’t really all that beautiful, and he never really loved me.


Blurb: I should have listened to my dad.  He was right about husband #1.  I would have saved myself a very painful divorce.


Blurb: I should have listened…

Panel: Wedding Pic










Panel: far shot of wedding pic, black around the edges, something that looks like it’s in the middle of a time loop transition.

Blurb: But damn I looked good that day Panel: Close up from wedding pic on me.
Blurb: I left him after he cheated on me and gave me an std.


Noelle: How can I have an STD? I’ve only ever been with ONE man?


Doctor: …




Panel: The handout from the doctor on Chlamydia . Noelle looking down at the handout and the Doctor looking at Noelle




Blurb: But not before I had 4 children with him. Panel: picture of the pretty kiddos
Blurb: I guess that’s why my 2nd marriage to a legally blind deaf man with a Cochlear Implant worked out so well. Panel: wedding pic -Robert and Noelle – courthouse in background.  None of the frills, all of the legality.
Blurb:  I could totally believe HE believed I was beautiful…


Blurb: Because he was blind.

Panel: a fuzzy pinhole picture of Noelle, pretty because she’s so fuzzy around the edges
Blurb: But he left me too…


Blurb: He died a few years after we were married

Panel: Black, nothing else but the words
Blurb: I dated again, but it was always horrible, or I’d make horrible decisions. Panel: The Guatemalan Leprechaun with a pin on his chest that says “Husbands close friend” and ribbons on that button that say “Controlling ass”
Blurb: There was only one time I did relationships right, and it was because HE was so intent on doing it all right. Panel: Meeting JD
Blurb: He makes me laugh. Panel: JD with tongue hanging out of his mouth, Noelle laughing.
Blurb: I wouldn’t have believed him if he said “Beautiful” and I wouldn’t have liked him if he never told me that I was attractive.  He found the perfect word: (refer to bubble in panel for the perfect word, place it directly under this blurb) Panel: Bubble shaped so it attracts attention with letters that are “sexy” and is directly below the blurb box: SEXY
Noelle: So… who am I? Panel: Noelle with JD.  The dialogue bubble with the first panel in the background, right.
Noelle: I am what I do – and what am I doing? Saving the world, one life at a time, starting with myself. Panel: Noelle holding her motto in a banner: Saving the world, one life at a time, starting with myself.

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  1. So far this is great. I took a comics course in grad school (not superhero comics, but “literary” comics.) This reminds me of some of the books I read there.

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