Remember Sam

Over a year ago, Samuel Campbell III, a deafblind man who had touched many lives for the good, passed away due to complications from an unnecessary surgery.  His widow believes that the medical professionals who operated on him did so without need, or a clear understanding of what illness / problem had brought Sam into the hospital in the first place and that Sam’s disabilities , the hospitals failure to communicate clearly with Sam and his family, are all grounds for a malpractice lawsuit.  Such a lawsuit can not be undertaken without probate being completed.  The probate was begun a few weeks after Sam’s death and has taken far too long due to complications  with money and family issues.  There is a 2 year window for a wrongful death suit, and that window is starting to approach.  In order for the lawsuit to proceed, the probate must get finished.  The probate is being held up due to Sam’s widow’s lack of funds.  Things for Sam’s family are tight and all the assets are now tied up in probate.  Sam’s step children were not able to qualify for survivors benefits and his widow has been struggling financially since Sam’s death.  If you feel moved to aid the legal procedings, please donate what you can. Send funds via PayPal to or go to the gofundme page:

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