I need help

Four months ago I lost my husband unexpectedly and rather suddenly. This event ironically (or maybe divinely inspired) happened at about the same time a friend decided to open her own small press site. She asked for my manuscripts and I gave them to her, because at the time, I really could have cared less about being published as an author, though it had been important enough for me before. She took my stories, put them together and started a kickstarter project to pay for printing As  you can see from her site, the graphics and the entire package–she knows what she is doing. She is an author herself . This is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skyrocket/martian-goods-and-other-stories

My husband’s last gift to me on this Earth was making me a widow–opening up doors that had been closed before because of practical matters. Among the stories in this small anthology is the story that brought us together. This project also made me remember how much my husband loved my stories. He called me his Scheherazade. It made me look back at my archives and realize, “I’m good at this!” I can only suspect this is what the publisher of the small press decided as well. I want this to be successful as much for her as to remember what it was to be my husbands favorite author.

This book might not be a great success, but there is no reason that the kickstarter project can’t be. If you, some friends who support small business, and others donate to it (you can always donate over the goal), I’m sure we can make the project a success.  If you know anyone who would be interested in a project like this, please forward it to them. 

I’m not a financial planner or  a PR expert . I’m just a newly minted single mom trying to make someone’s dream come true by helping them make my dream come true.   Can you help?

Noelle Campbell

The road goes ever on and on.
All is well.
All is well.