What Will They Do When They are Actually Mad at YOU?

My grandmother used to tell this story about her brothers, who were twins (not identical).  Great Uncle Vic and Great Uncle Harry were as close as brothers could be, which seems natural when you consider they were twins.  But they were also as different as two brothers can be.  Harry was a mild, obedient child while Vic was a curious, mischievous boy who had a hard time following directions.  Punishing Vic for his actions never seemed to improve his attitude or make him any more obedient.  At the point of giving up on discipline all together, their father resorted to one last tactic.  When Great Uncle Vic got in trouble, as he usually did, his father would lock Harry in the closet.  Harry would cry and beg Vic to be good.  When this tactic was first tried, Vic would stand by the door, cry and promise he would be better.  He would improve for a time, because he liked to play with Harry.  They did many things together, as you would imagine twin brothers might.  But then Vic would get angry at Harry for one reason or another, and then, when Harry was locked in the closet, Great Uncle Vic didn’t care and would walk away from his brother, locked and crying in the closet even though the suffering of Harry was almost always caused by Vic.  It didn’t matter if Vic never really suffered the consequences for them.  What was never really clear from the stories is what Vic’s father would do to Harry when Harry misbehaved.  Did he misbehave?  Why should Harry have been a good boy at all if he was constantly being punished for someone else’s actions?  What happened to Uncle Harry in his head?  How could he ever feel ‘safe’ not knowing if Vic would misbehave or not?

The Obama Administration has shut down many ‘non essential’ offices, even kicking people out of their private residences on federal land. They are not doing this because they are mad at the people who are being ejected or effected, but because they are mad at someone else.

I think we can safely say they blame the GOP.  Being no fan of the GOP, I could care less if they survive the political assault from the media and the public.  The question here, however,  is not who does the Obama Administration represent:  The DNC, the GOP or some other party who may come into power.  The question here is what will this government do when it is actually mad at YOU and not a political enemy?