Losing the Language

Why are we so apathetic?  We hear the media constantly shouting out doom !Danger! Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! that we turn off the moment anyone says anything that should be preceded or followed with an exclamation mark.  When a political debate about who should pay for birth control is ‘a war on women,’ but stoning and acid attacks aren’t even news: “Non consensual sex” is not that bad at Yale (where you might think they know a thing or two about grammar and the meaning of BIG words like RAPE): When the GOP are ‘terrorists,’ but killing 70 people in a mall is ‘insurgent action,’ I think it’s clear we are losing the language.  People hear ‘disaster’ so often that it’s not even clear what it means.  Some of us are shocked to discover that people don’t know what the First Amendment is, but you have to have sympathy for people who are so confused about the language we use that they think ‘natural law’ is something that you can buy in the Organic Food Aisle.