What Launches a Popular Writer?

Maybe I’m not as cute and fluffy as Stephanie Meyer, but my life story has got to be at least as interesting as JK Rowling.  My writing career has been as long and twisted as a Clive Barker novel.  My contact list is pretty short and my ability to do much of anything that seems ‘necessary’ to network in the field is pretty limited due to my income.  I probably have the same problems and inability in the field of art.  Maybe I’m a diamond in the rough.  Diamonds in the rough are pretty ugly though, and only recognized by people who have seen them before.  So maybe I need an agent?  But how to get one seems to be a mystery that even published authors that still haven’t got one.  Self publishing and ebook publishing is a new, fantastic craze that appeals to me and to any reader that are tired of formulaic or ‘trendy’ manuscripts churned out by big box publishers.

But if anything goes, how can you actually figure out what to do?

One thought on “What Launches a Popular Writer?

  1. I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I was told that once I’d gotten my first book published, finding an agent would be a piece of cake. Not. 50 rejections later I’ve pretty much given up on that route. And I laugh when people ask me how my book’s doing. Who wants to hear “dismal” and I’m in the hole $15,000. Yeah, has cost me on average $6 for every book sold. My earnings are less than a buck a book. The whole getting published thing is about as easy as digging a hole at the beach. No matter how deep or how fast you dig, all your hard work washes away with the next wave. Yet I keep doing it. I have no idea why. Addicted, I guess.

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