NANOWRIMO – On the East Coast

I have several friends still without power on the East Coast.  Some are still without running water.  I remember after Hurricane Ike, we had ten days with no electricity.  That was the middle of summer and there were no gas shortages, so we would drive around in the car just to enjoy the a/c.  What we did at home was mostly draw, write and craft.  We got a bunch of papercraft Christmas Ornaments made.  Had it been November, we might have all started novels because for at least a week, while all power was out in Houston/Downtown, everyone was out of work. 

From what I’ve heard the power will still be out this week in many places.  It’s a great opportunity to start writing that NANOWRIMO novel.  Just be careful you don’t leave your candles on at night or you might get a little warmer than you intended. 

Blessings to all y’all suffering from Sandy’s after effects.