Getting Ready for NANOWRIMO

I’ve written two complete novels (neither one published, btw) with NANOWRIMO.  I think it’s about the best idea to happen to writers since the invention of ebooks.

Everyone has a story in them.  Some of them are a little more interesting than others, but the great thing about NANOWRIMO turning thousands of amateurs into dedicated novel writers, is it gives published novelists, writers, publishers and other dabblers the opportunity to be challenged, give advice, push their own books, blogs and websites.  It’s a writers world in November, and no one who has ever enjoyed a good story will complain about more of them being born.

So, nows the time to sit down, think of your “what if?” or contemplate your outline, the timeline of your history, etc.  You only have two and a half more weeks before you need to sit down and ‘git her done.’

Here are a few links to help get the juices flowing:

NANOWRIMO – official site

Post It Note Brainstorming – ideas on coming up with a plot

Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets – Don’t laugh.  If there is anyone who knows about building characters, it is people who play D&D.  Just jotting down some of the characteristics and skills gives you a really great insight into your own character.  Try this while character building.

Elfwood – This is where I go for inspiration.
Please feel free to add your own suggestions in replies below!


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