Are Charities Taking Advantage of Me?

I am the sort of person where if I get a bunch of return address labels from a charity and I don’t just throw it away, if I actually use them, I feel obligated to give a donation. I know from ordering these sorts of things professionally online, that they do not cost 10 dollars to make.  I can order one from Vista Print right now for less than 5.00 for a full sheet – up to 500 labels.  I don’t really get a full sheet from the charity, only about 100.  But I end up giving the charity twice what I would pay for a 1/5 of the product, which I don’t even get to customize. I realize that’s how they make the ‘profit’ on the gamble that I will feel massively guilty if I open the envelope and even ponder using the address labels.  And I do.  To assuage that guilt I usually give the minimum donation requested on the insert (usually about 10.00).

My husband and I have our favorite charities that we like to donate to, but none of them make return address labels that they send to me.  We still donate to our favorite charities even if we give the odd 10 dollars here and there for charities that suckered me in with a cute return address label.

I don’t get suckered in with bake sales in front of my grocers, lemonade stands at garage sales, or even clever posters (“Yo quero Taco Bell) by the guy on the corner who looks like he hasn’t bathed in a week–though I my personal friend asking me to support their kids fundraiser always gets me to spend three times what I would normally for cookie dough…. hmm

I don’t know.  There has to be some advanced psychological manipulation involved in this somehow.  Am I being taken advantage of? Or am I just a big sucker?

One thought on “Are Charities Taking Advantage of Me?

  1. You’re such a softie. They can (and do!) send me address labels till the cows come home but I never feel obligated to sends back money. I use those labels with no guilty feelings at all – although I do toss the ones that come with my first name & the hub’s last or his first name & my last (which just makes me giggle).

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