I don’t know what to tell you: week 13


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Sometimes I will miss Sam and not know what I should do about it. Should I indulge myself and talk to him as if he’s listening or would that be considered disloyal to my new husband? Can I watch a video here was in? Should I rad his old journal entries or our text messages? Wouldn’t that be just as much cheating on my new spouse as if I were texting someone in real life? It’s hard to know where you should let go and when you can hang on. If I don’t think of Sam, it’s it disloyal to him? It’s a terrible mess and I hate it. I don’t think it’s fair, really, and everyone has advice. Everyone says something different, but I’m still here trying to find the balance, and it’s no fun. I doubt it’s any fun for my current husband either, but he did know what he read getting into. So there’s that…